Who we are

“God shows no partiality” Acts 10:34 

St. Philip Neri Ecumenical Church believes all people belong to God, and therefore to the Church.  God loves you as you are unconditionally, and so you are welcomed to celebrate with us regardless of your past or present. Sinners and saints are all brothers and sisters to us.  All Christians and those seeking God are welcome.  We are all children of the Living God.

All who are finding it difficult to fit in other churches are welcome to celebrate with us.  Here we follow the rules of love, “Love is the fulfillment of the Law of God” Romans 13:10.

You will be encouraged to celebrate your individuality, because Our Heavenly Father saw fit to make only one of you for all time. God meets us all right where we are and as we are.  We want you to grow into the amazing potential that God has lovingly created within you.  Above all, we will clearly present God’s unconditional love to you and everyone open to receive it.  

We are a family of faith seeking to love and serve Jesus Christ through
open minds, joyful hearts, and willing hands.  

Joyful hearts
We celebrate by coming together to thank God joyfully for his many gifts!  “Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving; let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms” Psalm 95:2.  

“The joy of the Lord is my strength” Nehemiah 8:10

Open minds
We are a learning community.  We are encouraged, and encourage each other to learn and grow in faith through open minds, hearts, and spirits. Deepening our knowledge of the faith and of the Scriptures is vital to the life of any follower. We must always be open to the fact that the Spirit is present and at work both in the life of the community, coming through the scriptures and within our very hearts. “The words of the wise: Incline your ear and hear my words, and apply your mind to my teaching” Proverbs 22:17. 

“Ephphatha!  Be opened!”  Mark 7:34. 

Willing hands
Together, we work to identify and nurture each individual’s God-given gifts so we may each love and serve in accordance to God’s will.  “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms” 1 Peter 4:10.   

“Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves, do what it says” James 1:22.