Book Nook

We are a learning community
Our community believes that faith is a journey in which we never stop learning and growing.  Therefore, we enjoy sharing books and materials about our faith, as well as information about other religions.  After all, we are Ecumenical.  The more we learn about each other, the more we may come to understand!

Members of our community are encouraged to borrow and share books and videos through our library.   We have plenty of Biblical, religious, inspirational and faith-related materials on hand, and our library continues to grow!

“Joshua’s” Reading List
Our reading list was inspired by Joshua Delp, because he is very zealous about sharing his faith and encouraging others to progress in their faith.  However, all readers are encouraged to participate.  Have you been inspired by a particular book recently?  Do you have a favorite book or author that you feel passionate about? If so, please share by submitting your recommendations on the form below, or you may give them to Carrie or Joshua at church.  We would love to add your book(s) to our reading list!

Reading List
The Prodigal God ~ by Timothy Keller
~ Recommended by Joshua

Wild at Heart  ~ by John Eldrige
~ Recommended by Joshua
– for all men and women looking for deeper understanding of men!

Captivating ~ by John and Stasi Eldridge
~ Recomended by Joshua
~ for all women and men looking to understand women better!

No Man is an Island ~  by Thomas Merton
~ Recommended by Carrie
~ Recommend any books by Merton, but this one especially!  Merton has a way of speaking to my spirit!

Mere Christianity ~ by C.S. Lewis
~ Recommended by Carrie
~ This book played a key role in opening the door to my Christian faith!

The Screwtape Letters ~ by C.S. Lewis
~ Recommended by Joshua ~ Carrie likes this one too!  If you can find a copy of the audio version with John Cleese (of Monty Python) as Screwtape, even better!  John Cleese captures Lewis’ satire perfectly!

The Purpose Driven Life ~ by Rick Warren
~ Recommended by Joshua
~ How many of us go through this life without seeking for our God given purpose!?  This book is a great place to start!

The Case for God ~ by Karen Armstrong
~ Recommended by Carrie
~ Karen Armstrong offers a practical approach to religion and spirituality in presenting a “Case for God” through the history of religious thought and traditions.  This book may be helpful to those who find it difficult to balance reason and faith.  I have found other books by this author helpful as well, including A History of God and The Battle for God .

The Pastor’s Reading List
† The Bible ~ Inspired by God
~ This book is most ‘highly’ recommended!

The Confessions of St. Augustine ~ by St. Augustine of Hippo
~ Recommended by John Oliver
~ John tells his students, “Put this book in your hurricane kit for a “rainy day.”