A Heart Transplant for Ben


I am asking for your support for my 29 year old son Ben and his family.  He began the fight of his life when he was nineteen years old, when he suffered his first battle with congestive heart failure.  For some time, he was doing all right, a few bouts of tachycardia and atrial fibrillation set him back, but with cardio versions and ablations we hoped he was on the right path.  Then things got worse.  The past year has been a challenge, not only for him, but for his wife Molly, his two sons (a 4 year old and an 11 month old), and all the rest of us.  We have all spent countless hours sitting in hospital rooms and the cardiac intensive care wondering how this could all be real.  Last January the doctors started seriously talking about a heart transplant.  Multiple hospitals admissions later it was confirmed.  Now, for his benefit and the hope of having a dad for his boys, Ben has to relocate for a heart transplant.  The money we raise will help him support his family while he is out of work for up to a year or more, including their medical costs, living expenses, childcare/preschool, the cost of relocating, travel expenses for family to come and help with the kids while he’s in the hospital, which is averaging every two weeks, and the 24/7 care that he will need post transplant.