All are welcome

“God shows no partiality” ~ Acts 10:34.  

Come celebrate with us every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. 
We celebrate by praising and thanking God for allowing us to experience His mercy and grace. We celebrate the Holy Spirit’s gifts and fruits abundantly poured out upon us, as Her power and comfort call us deeper into a life with Jesus. We celebrate the giftedness of every human being. We celebrate the gift of fellowship and the freedom to worship God. We celebrate the gift of a life free in Jesus.
All are called to God. All belong to him. We see ourselves in the celebration business not the damnation business. All are welcomed to celebrate with us and share in His Communion.
“Ecumenical” means Universal –
promoting and relating to unity among the churches. St. Philip Neri Ecumenical Church celebrates the gift of God’s salvation in Jesus Christ. At St. Philip Neri, we welcome people of different faiths, denominations and backgrounds and seek to be a place where all may come to know the grace, peace, joy and forgiveness that our Loving God offers us. Truly, all are welcome!  If you are a long time believer, St. Philip Neri is a place where you can find a church home and a family to walk alongside as you renew your faith in Jesus Christ. If you consider yourself to be one who is seeking truth, St. Philip Neri is a place where you can come with honest questions in hand, knowing you will not be judged but welcomed, celebrated, and encouraged in your journey with God.
“The Best Churches are those that are NOT telling people what they can/cannot do…The Best Churches empower their people.  We need to hear from God. Pastors need to teach and then aid people in hearing from God themselves.”

Gays, lesbians, trans men and women, and all who find it difficult to mold themselves in predetermined ways, are welcomed.  Divorced? Remarried? Confused? Questioning?  We have a place for you too.